The Benefits of Play at Albert Street Children’s Centre

The preschool children have had a range of interests in their play which Judy and Mel are encouraging and resourcing. These interests included Princess, Knight and Dragon play. The children dressed up in character and made a paper dragon they named ‘Toothless the dizzy dragon’. Other imaginative play has included baby play in the home corner and building houses and rescue boats from the soft blocks. Another favourite activity has been gardening.

children play with blocks  

The children have picked cobs of corn from the vegetable garden and have peeled back the outer leaves to find the kernels inside. They have also grown radish and rockmelon plants from seeds and have transplanted them from their seed raising boxes into the vegetable garden. The children have also learned turn taking skills through playing indoor games such as London Bridge, Little mousie creeping, In and Out the windows, Guess who is hiding under the rug?

children play with blocks

And Doggie who has my bone. It has been wonderful to see the children use their imaginations and transfer knowledge from home, books and technology into their play. This part of our program directly links to the Early Years Learning Framework as the children are demonstrating their ability to confident and involved learners. They are using skills and processes such as curiosity and imagination, and are able to transfer their knowledge from one context to another.Child does gardening

In the coming weeks we are going to extend on play about houses to look at different types of houses people live in around the world. We would love some help from parents. If you have a photo of your family and/ or house we could use in a display in the preschool room we would love to include it.children as superheroes TMNT

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