Worm Garden Fun at Reeve Street Nurture One

Recently at Reeve Street Nurture One, the children worked together to prepare and look after our new spring vegetables in our vegetable garden!

After morning tea, the children collected the left over fruit and their scraps into a tub so they could feed it to the worms, as part of us working towards having a more sustainable centre. As the children entered our vegetable garden area they remembered that they had planted some pumpkin seeds a couple of weeks earlier and decided to go and see if they had grown yet and if they needed some water, as they were looking they discovered a worm in the garden.

After discovering this worm the children raced over to our worm farm to see how many worms were in there, would there be more than in the garden? After a gentle dig the children found heaps of worms, educator Elena then showed them that there is a second section in our worm farm, that had even more worms. The children then noticed the bottom section of the worm farm which had what looked like water in it. Elena explained that it was ‘worm juice’ and how once it was diluted down with a bit of water it is a very good source of nutrients for our garden.

Worm gardens and active engagement in the garden helps children understand that their actions can have a direct impact on the world around them. It also offers the children the chance to develop a sense of well-being and responsibility as they care and nurture for a living thing.

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