Monthly Archives: January 2016

Preparing your child for school

From very early on, you have provided your child with opportunities to explore, discover their interests, develop self-awareness, observe those around them, tackle change and build resilience. These are all treasured moments in your child’s life and build on further opportunities they will experience in their learning journey. Experiences in their Kindergarten or Preschool year […]


Gluten free savoury cheese puffs

Savoury snacks that are gluten free? Yes! These cheese puffs are gluten free and great for a delicious afternoon snack! Little hands love to help out in the kitchen and this recipe will bring out the inner chef in the young and not-so young! Ingredients: 1 cup cheese 1 cup gluten free flour 1 cup […]


Recycled Wind Chimes

 A fun way to begin to teach your child about caring for their environment is to introduce the terms: reduce, reuse, recycle by reusing everyday household items in craft! This is incorporated into sustainability and intentional teaching in early childhood education. Encouraging children to use items that would otherwise be thrown away is important in […]