Our Door is Always Open: Parents as Partners


We believe you are your child’s first teacher and therefore we embrace parent, guardian and family involvement within our centres. We encourage participation in our curriculum which can be as simple as sharing something of interest from home or extending on the curriculum at home. By engaging with our curriculum you will have an insight into your child’s experiences and learning opportunities. You will also understand more about the relationships they develop. Parents are always welcome to spend time in the centre and share special moments with their children.

An open door policy has been established at our centres, where parents and families are welcome to join in learning activities and celebrate events and special days with us. Participation by parents, guardians and families imparts a positive impression to your child and allows them to feel supported as well as a sense of belonging.

There are many opportunities for involvement for our families. We understand that time can be precious for all parents, which is why we accommodate many forms of involvement to assist you and your child, and in turn benefits the centre as a whole.

Exciting activities and events held at our centres can include:

  • Disco and Movie Nights
  • Easter Hat Parade’s
  • Mother’s Day Morning Tea’s
  • Father’s Day BBQ’s
  • Open Day’s
  • Grandparents and Special Friends Day
  • Graduation Ceremonies
  • Christmas Parties
  • Volunteers for children’s excursions
  • Cultural visits
  • Parent lead learning activities e.g. cooking Grandma’s famous biscuit recipe
  • Excursions

With the introduction of digital communication tool, Kindyhub to our centres*, this ensures that families can be involved this their child’s day even if they aren’t at the centre. It allows our staff to easily share your child’s daycare experience with you. Our educators capture your child’s achievements throughout the day via Kindyhub with photos, notes and stories. Kindyhub saves time, in-turn allowing our staff to spend more time with your child. Opening the discussion about your child’s day even before pickup time is a bonding experience shared between staff, educators and children.

“Children thrive when families and educators work together in partnership to support young children’s learning.” (Early Years Learning Framework)

We believe the experience of nurturing and supporting children through their early education is very important and we will continue to build a strong relationship with our families and the wider community.

*Kindyhub (or similar applications) are available in each centre. Contact your Centre Manager to learn more.

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